Blackplum and Rhubarb

Our blackplum and Rhubard scented candles initially provides a delightful fruity scent that associates with hints of peach, pear and vanilla. This scent will carry your mind towards an old sweet English orchard.


Honeysuckle and sandlewood

Our honeysuckle and sandlewood scented candles initially provide a strong  natural smell that is associated with wild fields and woodlands, which includes violet, Lilly, cedar, musk, amber, caramel, vanilla and tonka.

This scent will take your mind away from the challenges of your daily life and make you feel as one with nature.



Our Alien scented candles initially provide a strong smell that associates with bergamot, cassis and strawberry. Once your candle starts to burn it will fill up your room with a scent enhanced of jasmine, Lilly, orchid, Rose and honey. This scent will transport you to an exotic Arabian night.


Scent for ‘him’

Our scent for ‘him’ fragranced candle initially provides that unique smell associated with vibrant scents of black currents, bergamot, apples and rich birch.

Our scent of ‘him’ is similar to a man’s aftershave. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company.


In order to keep a clean and even burn make sure you trim the wick after every burn to a 1/4 in length. 

These candles come in a 50cl glass jar 

Net candle weight is 400g

Approx burning time up to 40 hours 


A couple of our scents are similar to designer brand perfumes. We are in no way affiliated and should not be confused with the original.  Trademarks and copyrights are property of the respective manufacturers.